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Auto Movers Guide

FAQ to ask movers to help make your decision

1. How far in advance should I book a moving company if I want to ship my car?

While relocation is best done with enough advance notice, to move your car also, moving companies need to get as much advance notice as possible. In case of emergency you could ship your car within 24 hours, provided you are agreeable to pay additional charges for emergency shipping.

2. How are cars shipped?

Cars may be shipped in two ways: enclosed carriers or open carriers. Enclosed carriers are those where only your car is being shipped and obviously the charges are also higher than open carriers, where your car will be shipped with many other cars going towards the same destination.

3. What is an oversize fee?

This is a fee normally charged to ship vehicles which are larger that the usual passenger cars. Most SUVs fall in this category. Since they are large, they would normally take up the space allotted for two traditional cars. Hence the extra fee is charged which is for it being ‘oversize’.

4. What are the pick up and delivery systems with regard to cars?

There are basically two options by which your car can be picked up and delivered: (a) Terminal to terminal and (b) Door to Door. The terminal to terminal pick and delivery system entails your dropping the car at any conveniently located terminal of the carrier company, from where the car will be picked up for delivery again at the nearest terminal of the destination city. These charges are lesser than door to door delivery and pick up, where your car is conveniently picked up from your home and also delivered to your new address. Since most auto shipping companies have hundreds of terminals spread across a city, it is really not a problem to drop your car to the terminal nearest to your place of stay.

5. Is personal presence necessary during pick up and delivery of my car?

It is recommended that you be present in person during these activities. Since the auto shipping company prepares an Inspection Report prior to departure which meticulously details the condition of your car, you need to be present at both the points to cross-check the condition of your car, with the Inspection Report to see whether there has been any scratch, dent or damage done to your car during transit.

6. Is there any special preparation needed before my car is given for shipping?

Yes, there are a few preparations necessary before you hand over your car to the auto shipping company. Remove all detachable parts like antennae, mirrors etc. Remove all your personal belongings from the car. Fuel must be not more than one fourth of the tank capacity. Get your car fully serviced and cleaned before moving as then you can easily notice any dent etc which could be the result of the journey. Also you need to prepare your car for any change in weather conditions like air-conditioning or heating.