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Auto shipping is the method of carrying/moving vehicles across overseas in ships, also referred to as Ro/Ro (roll on roll off) vessels that are specially designed to serve the moving purpose. The ships are multistoried; possess enclosed decks and dimensions similar to the decks carrying aircrafts. The ships are so designed that they provide complete protection to the vehicles throughout the entire moving process.

Several renowned moving companies operate these ships to major hub ports as a part of their moving business. Following is a detailed guideline on the auto shipping system –

1. First of all, make sure if you really want to ship your vehicle(s) or not.

2. You must find out a reliable moving company and investigate the shipping services offered both at the starting port and at the destination port.

3. There is a myth among customers that the shipping of vehicles saves money. But the fact is that it will not save you money unless you are planning for a long stay in the new destination and not on a small vacation. Therefore, prior to the shipping of your vehicle(s), you must clarify yourself whether you will be economically benefited or not.

4. Considering the port costs, ocean freight and some other formalities, 1000 bucks is what you need to pay even if you want to ship your vehicle to a nearby place.

5. For tax related queries, make it a point to check out the regulations with the Embassy or the place you are shipping your vehicle(s) to.

6. If you have shipped your vehicle to the UK and paid the VAT there, you need not pay it again on shipping it/them to another European country. This will be applicable until and unless you have spent at least one year in a Common Market country. If you have to move to the UK for official purpose, then you must acquire a letter from your company, which will state your residing period in the UK. Residing for a fixed period does not require the payment of VAT. In case, if you extend your stay, then you need to go for a car registration and pay the local road tax. Remember to get your vehicle insured.

7. If you want to ship your vehicle for commercial purpose, like selling it, you should have a prior agreement with the overseas customer.

8. Car moving documentation is a must. Either you can take the initiative of preparing the shipping documentation yourself or you can ask your agent to make the required arrangements.

9. Marine insurance, a special insurance cover, is a must for shipping your vehicle(s). Your shipping agent must exclusively arrange for the marine insurance.

Following the guidelines closely will help you understand the necessary steps that you need to undertake to ship your vehicle(s) safely to a desired destination.

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