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How to Pick Movers

The correct choice of a mover is the most important part of your move, be it local, interstate or international. A reliable, modern, affordable and experienced moving company is exactly what you need for your moving endeavor. The moving company must also possess a genuine license and must be insured. The following guidelines will help you in choosing the right moving company, exactly the one you want for your moving –

1. First, you need to sort out all those goods you want to ship to your destination. Then hand over the packing and wrapping responsibilities to the movers. You can also enquire of other services they are providing.

2. Contact the movers and enquire of the price estimates and the time period till which the estimate is valid. Be particular in getting the estimate written.

3. Ask your mover to prepare a survey sheet. Here, the mover has to mark all those goods that will be moved and those goods that will not be moved.

4. The next step is to settle on a final price estimate that includes transportation and additional service charges. The prices will be negotiable. The overall cost of the move will vary according to the number of goods you want to move. Moving of more goods will be costlier than moving fewer goods. Keep the movers updated with any changes made by you.

5. Confirm whether you want to do the packing yourself or you want to hand it over to the movers. The necessary items for packing will be provided by the movers. However, if there are any damages caused while you are packing the goods, you can, by no means, blame the movers. If damages are caused during the delivery procedure, you can bring that to notice by submitting the inventory sheet of your goods’ delivery.

6. It is advisable that both you and your movers be well informed of unwanted situations and problems that might arise during the delivery procedure. Any inconvenience caused at the time of delivery (of your goods) might increase the moving cost.

7. Enquire of the types of estimates offered. There are mainly two types of estimates – Binding Estimate and Estimated Cost of Services. You can choose from the two according to your budget.

8. To find out the authenticity of the moving company, you can contact your local BBB (Better Business Bureau). You can even acquire related information from the moving company’s previous clients.

9. Last but not the least; ensure that all your goods are insured and the moving company possesses a genuine license.

Choosing the right type of moving company will bestow you a delightful and a carefree move.
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