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International Movers

Think about the extra services that you need, like storage, boxing, insurance, fragile packing, specialty removals of items like antiques and pianos, etc. Compare the rates offered by different international moving services for providing these services, before you make a decision.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons of the different offers that you get, before you make arrangements with an international moving service. The choice is never easy and one way of solving this problem is to check to see if the movers you are considering are members of an international organization like FIDI.

FIDI is a worldwide federation that represents the interests of companies that specialize in international relocations. FIDI-certified movers offer high quality service and there is a high level of cooperation among them. FIDI-FAIM certified movers must pass a difficult quality compliance procedure to earn the right to be a part of the FIDI alliance.

We will help you to find the top worldwide movers, who will take care of your international move and help to make a well organized and hassle-free relocation. We will help you to make the international relocation, at the right time and within your budget.

For a stress-free and seamless relocation, please fill out our form now. We will never reveal your personal details to anyone. These free quotes from the leading international moving and storage companies are provided without any obligations.