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Move Packing Tips

Packing Guide and Tips

Moving entails taking care of many responsibilities. While each responsibility is important in its own merit, packing and moving supplies are items which must be planned ahead to avoid last minute tension and hitches. This is because the right quality and quantity of moving supplies can ensure the most important aspect of relocation: safety and protection of your goods. Here are some typical moving supplies which you will need for relocation and which will ensure correct packing as well:

Moving boxes: These are cardboard boxes which are strong, sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight. These boxes are specially made with particular specifications, for making the task of packing and loading easier. The standard size packing boxes are made in such a way that packing your goods in these will fit into any loading truck easily. Though old and used packing boxes are available at many sources, these may not be the best choice. For instances, wardrobe boxes, usually measuring 24x24x40 can easily accommodate most of your clothing and offer very tamper-proof packaging option. Similarly, kitchen boxes, measuring 18x18x22 are the correct size to fit kitchen equipment. Luckily most of these moving boxes can be purchased from any moving company and they can even organize attractive discounts for items purchased through them. Moving boxes can be of various sizes depending on your need. Picture boxes, which are available in a large variety of sizes, are excellent for packing framed pictures and can offer great security and protection to these prized possessions. If you are thinking of emptying filing cabinets for ease of lifting, and packing the files in separate boxes, you are perhaps taking more space in the truck by doing this. Instead, you could buy file boxes, and leave out the filing cabinets during relocation.

Another item which fall under the category of moving supplies are the padding materials like towels, blankets, old linens which are very useful for wrapping round furniture, table legs, head boards, etc. While you are packing chairs one on top of the other, if you want to prevent scratches, you could use old towels or paper in between the layers.

Box labels are extremely useful especially during unloading. Label or use colored labels for each of the room contents. For instance, all bathroom contents can occupy 5 boxes, all marked with yellow labels. So while unloading, you could immediately put them in the new bathrooms.

When you are packing heavier items, it is wise to spread the load in a number of boxes, rather than put them all together. This applies to books especially. All boxes, irrespective of its content must be stuffed tight with paper shreds, towels, etc., so that there is no movement of the contents during journey.

Relocation is not without its usual load of hassles and tension. With a bit of planning though, you could reduce much of the stress involved and have a smooth journey to a new city and home.