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Moving Tips Guide

How to Transfer Utilities to Your New Location

With all the hassles related to relocation taken care of, the last thing anyone wants is to enter a new home which does not have gas or electricity. Though it may sound simple of disconnecting al the utilities of your existing location and resuming them in your new place of stay, the actual activity may not be that simple, unless some prior planning has gone in it.

• While all gas, electric, phones and cable companies operate with their own lead time for connections and disconnections the general rule is to contact the customer service departments of all these utility companies at least 15 days in advance of your move.

• The other rule is to keep the utility services running even on the day of your departure till you have finally locked yourself out of the old house. Similarly, the utilities should be in a running condition at least a day prior to your arrival in the new home.

• Remember to leave your new address with the utility companies. Some companies send their bills to the new address. Before leaving your old home, make sure that the utility companies have checked the final reading on all meters. Not leaving your forwarding address may necessitate paying late fees and other penalties.

• Like you must pay up all outstanding bills, you must also remember to collect any refund, etc before you leave your old home.

• Take all the necessary phone numbers of your old locality with you, in case you wish to make contact with anyone in the neighborhood.

• Water and sewer-related services can be arranged directly with the relevant town or city department. The same rule applies to garbage pickup also.

• There are numerous telecommunication service providers in the market from where you can access your internet and phone connections. There are a variety of service options also available, like unlimited local calls, unlimited long distance calls, etc. A wide variety of calling plans are available. So it is up to your specific needs which provider and what kind of service package would suit your home best. If you also rely on email and wireless phone service to stay connected, you should consider a provider that can meet all of your needs, including local and long distance calling, wireless communications, dialup and high-speed Internet access.

• While moving to your new home, installing or moving your security system is a job which you must keep as a priority in your agenda. Check with the security service provider whether they will move their equipment to the new city, or else, you might have to install a new one. The modern security system not just give you alarm signals for break-ins, they also provide protection in care of fire, medical emergency, flood or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

Following these tips on moving your utilities will surely ensure a smooth transit from one city to another, however close or far they may be from each other.