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Self Storage

With time, the amount of urban clutter seems to grow by leaps or bounds. While more people are living in cramped apartments, an equal number of people are finding the use of a hired, leased or owned self-storage space a cost-effective solution for their professional as well as personal needs. Some are stacking their business documents while some are stacking their personal possessions in these hired or owned storage units.

Why is the popularity of self-storage growing? For the simple reason that self-storage option is one of the most cost-effective storage solutions which keep the owner of the space in complete control of the contents of the space. It was not long ago, when a customer had to depend on exclusive relocation or specialist storage companies to stack their personal or professional goods. These systems often had limited accessibility, poor maintenance, burden of a long term contracts and skyrocketing rents. The self-storage scenario has evolved since then. Today it is more a ‘do it yourself’ kind of self storage.

Looking at the growing need of customer convenience and increased need of safety and security, today’s self-storage units are equipped with the most modern security arrangements, they are available in a large number of sizes, completely enclosed with the strictest entry restrictions. Most importantly, you can avail of varying sizes of storage space – small to fit your safe deposit locker and big enough to park your boat or your entire business archives. When you have the flexibility to choose the exact size matching with your needs, plus the flexibility to also choose the tenure of such storage needs, the combination is truly customer-friendly. Unlike the conventional storage facility, the modern self-storage units allow you to access the storage space anytime you prefer without having to pay any thing extra. This means that you are free to put in or take out any item whenever you feel like without adding anything extra to your bill. You can do this without having to stand in a long queue or having to do any extra paper work many storage space providers allow you to quickly alter the space, depending on your changing needs. With these modern self storage options, you are absolutely sure that no one else, other than you or your authorized personnel can touch your stored goods without your permission in writing.

Most reputed storage providers let you buy discounted packaging materials to help you pack the stored goods yourself. In these cases, you store the goods yourself, so that you now exactly where each item is kept for easy accessibility later. Some companies even hire put trucks to move in your goods which are meant for storage. This saves you time and effort to transport heavy and cumbersome items in to your storage unit.

With the growth and evolution of the storage industry, some large companies are even offering office space, toilet facilities, canteen facilities, etc to increase their customer care efforts.